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Patent Nest is an online intellectual property marketplace launched in 2018 tailored to create a large innovation ecosystem which pre-empts competition and insources innovation for both businesses and individuals globally by allowing its members to collaborate with each other through licensing, selling or open sourcing their intellectual properties to interested parties.
Yes, there is a free version where you can list up to 3 listings. If you want to post more than 3 listing, then you will have to upgrade your membership with a minimal fee, not to worry all the features on the platform are available to all members both the free and paid version.
The service does not include in the negotiation or in the conclusion of agreements between members. All members are responsible for honoring agreements made with third parties. Patent Nest is thus not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers.
Patent Nest does not charge you anything unless you want to upgrade your membership so there is nothing to lose by publishing your intellectual properties on our platform as long as you remain careful about not publishing any information that you would prefer to keep private/confidential. Inventors have to be aware that there are fraudulent invention promotion firms out there that will ask inventors large fees just like you for marketing your inventions without providing any valuable service. These are the companies that may be labelled as ‘scam’ as reported by the US Federal Trade Commission.
Yes you can but it’s better to consult with a patent attorney first to know which information you should post and which information should remain confidential, be responsible.
A featured listing is intended to expose your IP listing on the front-end of the platform and also rank you top on other areas of the platform. This enables you to get contacts faster from potential buyers and people who may be interested to work with you.
To edit your listing, sign in then go your account and click my listings. Click on the listing you want to edit and on the middle right side of the page you will see the edit button.
Yes, this happens more if you have a patent in only one country, someone else in another country could simple copy the invention and use it. It is better to apply for patent protection in other countries as well. The other solution you could do is not to display full information about the invention on our platform if your patent is not protected across different countries.
If you are a member and you have lost or forgotten your username or password, you can retrieve your login credentials by clicking the ‘reset password’ button. If for some reason it does not work don’t hesitate to contact us.
If you get permission denied display on the advertising page section, log out of your account then go the ad page again to see if it works.