Free flowing powder fabric softening composition and process for its manufacture

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    Patent No: KE000057

    A process of producing a free-flowing spray dried particulate fabric softening composition is provided and comprises the steps of:

    a) forming a crutcher slurry containing:

    (i) from about 5 to 40%, by weight, of a cationic quaternary ammonium softening compound.

    (ii) from about 0.5 to 15 %, by weight, of a an anionic and/or a nonionic detergent compound;

    (iii) from about 45 to 85 %, by weight, of urea, the above percentage being based on the solids content of the slurry, in the absence of water;

    (b) mixing the crutcher slurry formed in (a) to provide a uniform mixture of dispersion having and average particle size of less than about 1.0 micron and thereafter;

    (c) spray drying the aforesaid mixture or dispersion in a spray tower wherein the water content of the mixture is substantially evaporated to provide free-flowing particles of a softening composition capable of being readily dispersed in water.

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