Paint dispensing system

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    Patent No: KE000081

    A paint pouch assembly includes a pair of facing sidewalls (12, 14) sealed along their periphery. a fitting (30) has a fluid passage that terminates in an inlet (44) disposed within a cavity of the pouch and the inlet faces outwardly toward one of the sidewalls. by depressing the sidewall over the opening, fluid can be regulated through the fitting. the collapsible pouch may be used in a number of different applications. it may be incorporated into a dispensing apparatus (b) that uses a hinged presser member (108) to urge paint through the fitting and out through a pivoting head (130) received on the opposite end. removable attachments (138, 140, 142, 144,) can be secured to the head to provide for a fine marker, foam brush, etc. alternatively, the collapsible pouch can be used with a well structure that is secured to an artist’s palette (fig. 22).

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